Guestpost Laura Mulvey: My camping story


I was at the age of eight when my family and I went for a camping trip. I was in the company of my parents and my elder brother. Since we were headed for a camping site we packed our luggage into our car and drove off. We made the three hour drive to the camping site was several miles away from home.   The drive was not an exciting one as I was bored to such a point that I had to keep myself busy. I ended up playing with the car window making drawings on them. At some point I faked being a dog and even peeped head out of the car window.

On arrival I could not stand the fact that we had just left home for this place. At the camping site there were tents but no structured toilets for short or long calls. The nights were extremely long for me as I could not find any sleep. This was not the case for my brother though as he calmly slept all night quietly. I noticed that the sounds of the jungle were rather strange and disturbing.

The following morning the whole family decided to go out to swimming on a serene and quiet river nearby. This idea made my mother and my brother so excited. At some point my brother even tried his hands on fishing by tying a code on to a branch and attempted fishing. This however did not work even after placing some lure on one end.

All of a sudden my father came from nowhere and ordered us to stay away from the stream stating that he had just spotted a serpent. At some point it sounded like my father wanted to drive us away from the stream because no one saw any evidence of a snake. I even demanded to take a look at the creature but my father declined so we had no choice but to leave the place.

After the commotion my father we started roamed around the forest. This did not go down well with my mother who was bothered about the idea. I was also apprehensive about it but my father seemed quite sure of what he was leading us into. After some few laps my dad decided to take us all back to the exact point of our camp.

My mother started preparing us some dinner. After making a bonfire we all sat around it at night singing all kinds of songs. We ate a variety of food including marsh mallows that my father made for me and put them on a branch. My mother also made delicious sandwiches too. When bedtime came I had to ask my mother to let me sleep in our car because I could not get any sleep. We travelled home next day safely without experiencing any hitches.

As I have seen in documentaries and films of the horrific experiences when families go on trips, it did not happen to us. I was highly expecting that something of that kind was going to happen even if it did not. My brother will always joke of this experience up to this day and laugh about it whenever he gets the chance to do so. It does not end with him; even my father will pick this subject and tell it to every visitor to our house.

Although it was not that much exciting I would not decline from going any other camping trip in the near future. But I strongly think that it would be much more interesting if I were to go camping with my mates.

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