Network Marketing Startup Meeting Function Overview

The Network marketing Startup Convention is sponsored by Jeffrey Babener with Babener & Associates and is a very well known Network Marketing Event that runs each year. The target audience for this convention is mainly Multilevel marketing Startup Company owners and emerging Network Marketing Companies This year it will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 29-30 2009.

The cost to attend will be $195.00 for one person, however a second person can attend such as a spouse or Business Partner for just $150.00. You will get 33 hours of consulting from top Industry Leaders at this meeting. Jeffrey Babener will be the Meeting Chairperson. Michael Sheffield will be the Meeting Co-Chair. Some of the topics that are brought up each year as the Multi-level marketing Startup Conference unfolds are topics such as the art of bringing in Top Producers into your company.

They will cover how to keep your business clean and how to stay legal. You will learn which Multi-level marketing Compensation Plan is right for your company. Should you go with a Matrix, Unilevel, Binary, Stairstep or the Australian Two Up? The Multi-level marketing Startup Conference will teach you which products you should consider introducing into your Network Marketing Company and why you should. They will teach you how to select and implement products into your company to ensure that you stay ahead of the trend. If you know nothing about how to take credit cards over the internet, the Network marketing Startup Meeting will teach you what you need to know so you can get started. If you are a Network Marketing Distributor and not a company owner there’s top notch information for you here as well. You’ll learn how to develop relationships and recruit top distributors so you can start making real money in the Network Marketing Industry.

The Multi level marketing Startup Meeting will teach you legal ways to raise capital to get your Network Marketing Company off the ground. This is a topic many don’t know and when you leave here you’ll know how to get it and make it work for you. You will also learn how to choose the right Network marketing Software. Some of the top Network marketing Software Distributors will be here and will open your eyes. It’s important to understand that the Multi level marketing Startup Convention has some of the most prominent, credible names in Network Marketing speaking at the convention each year. Names like Rod Cook, Garvin DeShazer, Sue Bradley, Wayne Hinkle and Scott Fitzpatrick are just a few of the titans you’ll be meeting. So if you live anywhere in California or Nevada it won’t take you long to drive up to Vegas for this occasion. You can make a nice weekend vacation out of it. You can register for the event on their website.

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